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You may probably have seen the terms “ODM” and “OEM” before. And you will have a wide range of ODM and OEM products (a watch, for example) in your life no matter where you are now.

However, Fully understanding these terms and the differences between them is a necessory step to create or build your watch or own watch brand name.

Let’s Us ODM Watch Manufacturing Happen

ODM (original design manufacturing, also referred to as “private labeling or white label.”) is a company that designs and makes watch product or others based on client’s product idea. Using this option, you choose the styles from an already-existing watch design and Romlicen watch catalog. You can make small modifications to the watch case along with the dial design and then sell it with your own brand name. Modifications can be like things like case colors, finishes, band type or colors, and some limited functionality adjustments.

The Advantage of ODM:

  • Low cost effective of the development.
  • Shorter delivery timeframes.
  • Quicker to get to mass production.
  • Lower minimum order quantity.

The drawbacks of ODM:

  • Your watch styles may be similar to other watch brands.

How does ODM work?

The company has a great idea for a new watch such as quartz, automatic, mechanical that carries out diversified functions. The company has finished the market research and knows it’ll be saling well in future so the company wants to to build this watch. However, the company does not know how to design and also have no capability to manufacture it by themselves. The compnay will turn to an ODM which designs and manufacturers it. This is a service that Romlicen Watch can offer to you.

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Let’s Us OEM Watch Manufacturing Happen

OEM (original equipment manufacturing) is a company that manufactures watches or others that are fully based on client’s design and specifications. Using this option, you can fully build your own watch brand and also completely design the watch dial, hands, straps, case, and package box etc. Romlien watches would like to sign an NDA with you to protect your intellectual property.

The Advantage of OEM:

  • Watches can be saled at whatever price you wish.

The drawbacks of OEM:

  • Spending much more time and cost on tooling and molds
  • Higher Minimum order quantities
  • Longer delivery times for prototyping and mass production
  • OEM would be a good choice if you have an exclusive watch idea.

How does OEM work?

In order to establish their own watch brand, the company has a complete market research and Research & Developing, but the company does not have the watch manufacturing capacity in time, and then turn to OEM watch manufacturer.

This is a service that Romlicen Watch can offer to you.

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