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Every watch will be manufactured based on our client’s design and specifications. Romlicen watch company has a vast network and we will exceed your expectations. With its expertise and vast network, whether Japanese-made, Swiss-made, quartz or automatic movements, Romlicen Watch can help your private label watch project get started on time and within your budget. Deciding where to manufacture high-quality custom watches, watch dials, and cases depends on a multitude of factors. Our goal is to be the best custom watch manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.


Create. Design. Build.

Do A Watch Exploration

Watch manufacturing starts with an analysis of your specific needs.

  • Your target market
  • Your target customers
  • Your expected budget
  • Your requirements for watch material and configuration

Start A Watch Design

The great designs is the key for the great watch products. Our in-house team will come up with 2D & 3D drawings using the computer-aided software to display the final products in all angles.

In the mean time, you will find the advantages and drawbacks and get the profit chances.

Make A Watch Prototyping

As a leading ODM & OEM watch manufacturer, Romlicen has watch experts to build you watch project from scratch

Our CNC prototyping machines can produce a working prototype that matches the exact version of your design. You can understand the apperance, feel of the watch design, and the team will correct all errors at the loweset cost.

Watch Component Sourcing

The secret of  high-quality watch lies in its quality components. Our strong supply chain and detailed drawings ensure the excellent quality & competitive price of each component.

Especially in cooperation with the world’s top watch movement brands, such as seiko, miyota, ronda, eta, tmi, seagull, to ensure first-class quality.

Watch Component Inspection

Every watch is made up of lots of components such as the watch cases, movements, straps and all other components.

Prior to mass production in our factory, all components are checked by our ICQ department according to the requirements of the watch design drawings.

Efficient Watch Manufacturing

Our in-house CNC machines can fulfill your customized bulk watch order efficiently.

We offer a first-class watch servicing on all quartz and mechanical watch manufacturing. Contact us to discuss one-stop custom watches wholesale solution and get free quote today!

Quality Control In Production Process

There are some established quality checkpoints in the entire production process with a whole set of testing machines.

You can also book your own in-process quality inspection at our factory in Shenzhen, China based on the completion of your production.

Labeling, Packing & Shipping

We offer barcoding printing service to help you manage the order and inventory.

You can choose the proper package design fro paper box, leather box, or others.

Case Material

We manufacture quartz/automatic waches using the following materials:

Start building unique watches today & Glad to discuss your watch project with you! !

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